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Sisu Lab

Emilia Elisabet Lahti

Sisu is an ancient Finnish word for determination and courage in the face of adversity. However, sisu is also an entire life philosophy and a path to refine one’s character. Sisu Lab podcast is where we unearth and explore inner fortitude in its higher expression to become more focused, courageous, loving, and free.Join your host, Emilia Elisabet Lahti, PhD, the author of Gentle Power: A revolution in how we think, lead and succeed using the Finnish art of sisu for an inquiry into inner fortitude through a combination of research, short stories, and practice. Elisabet has pioneered the research into the ancient construct of sisu as a psychological quality and she herself is a seasoned athlete who has completed several endurance feats in her personal quest for a deeper insight into inner fortitude.You can find information about Elisabet, her books and links to research at to walk the way of gentle power!