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Superordinate Purpose and the Sisu In-Between Our Hearts

May 04, 2023 Emilia Elisabet Lahti
Sisu Lab
Superordinate Purpose and the Sisu In-Between Our Hearts
Show Notes

Sisu is an interconnected matter. Rarely is your sisu only your sisu or my sisu solely my sisu. One of the main findings of the ultra run field work portion of my PhD on sisu is the idea of sisu that exists, and is born from, the space in-between you and I. This episode is about how we inspire strength and fortitude in each other. Furthermore, our own sisu can be inspired by the strength we see and witness in others and their actions, and this impact  can extend to drawing strength from even those dear to us who are long gone. I speak of Viktor Frankl, present Angela Duckworth and James Gross´ concept of superordinate life-goals and propose some journaling work.

Enjoy, brave ones!

Show notes and links

 Viktor Frankl: Man´ s Search for Meaning:

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Duckworth, A., & Gross, J. J. (2014). Self-control and grit: Related but separable determinants of success. Current Directions in Psychological Science, 23(5), 319–325.

and to hear more about sisu and gentle power and find the books as audio as well as hard cover and kindle:

Sisu is a reserve of inner strength but it's also a way for us to know ourselves and impact the world in a positive way. Cultivating these reserves of inner strength starts with self-care and continues through self-inquiry. its power then extends to the world through our inspired acts of deep courage and compassion.

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Sisu is great, love is greatness.