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Sisu and Managing the Uphills + NEW tune!

July 17, 2023 Emilia Elisabet Lahti Season 1 Episode 7
Sisu Lab
Sisu and Managing the Uphills + NEW tune!
Show Notes

Welcome to a new episode in which we muse on how to deal with life's headwinds - and how to do it with less damage and more grace. Take aways from ultra running that apply to everyday life (thanks, fellow adventurer & runner Annastiina Hintsa) and a note on deep-seated humility, as well as making our awareness and body our allies in the process.

For this episode, finally after years of procrastination (not as bad as the Ironman which took 16 years to conquer) I learned to do sound editing and created a start tune. Please listen and give feedback on anything - sound levels, user friendliness, and so on, as this is a  "home-baked" passion project. Tune selected out of numerous is licensed from lovely Dutch composer Evert Zeevalkink, aka, The North (on Spotify), and is called Stand my Ground.

Until next time... may we both sisu and smiles galore <3

Show notes:

Resources on sisu at sisulab. Direct link to podcasts and research:

Harvard Health: Basic intro to understanding stress response:

Embodied awareness – checking-in with your own body for signs of stress and trauma:

The Embodied Theory of Stress: A Constructionist Perspective on the Experience of Stress: