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Constructive Sisu and the Perils of Mindless Sisu

August 21, 2023 Emilia Elisabet Lahti Episode 8
Sisu Lab
Constructive Sisu and the Perils of Mindless Sisu
Show Notes

Sisu speaks of the extra reserves within individuals everywhere to endure challenges and take action against slim odds. However, while sisu denotes extraordinary power to overcome the extraordinary and do the extraordinary, it can also end up creating extraordinary problems. This would most likely happen with mindless sisu that is out of balance, is done at all cost, and happens usually when we are out of touch with our blind spots.

The possible negative outcomes of unbalanced or hard sisu include harm to our mental wellbeing and physical health, as well as to other people and team success. On today's episode, musings on constructive vs unconstructive sisu and an exercise at the end (for the truly brave) to gain understanding of your own sisu and what's its overall impact to people around you.

Stay strong and love even bigger!

Show notes

World Happiness Report

Tim Lomas and cross-cultural research on the determinants of wellbeing

Amy Edmondson's research and trainings on psychological safety

Harvard Business Review: What Is Psychological Safety? by Amy Gallo

E. Elisabet Lahti: Embodied Fortitude: An Introduction to the Finnish Construct of Sisu at International Journal of Wellbeing

Sisu is a reserve of inner strength but it's also a way for us to know ourselves and impact the world in a positive way. Cultivating these reserves of inner strength starts with self-care and continues through self-inquiry. its power then extends to the world through our inspired acts of deep courage and compassion.

Thanks for tuning in! You can find out more about sisu, find links to research, and check out Gentle Power: A Revolution in How We Think, Lead, and Succeed Using the Finnish Art of Sisu at

Sisu is great, love is greatness.